Python, Anaconda and Tensorflow

Posted on Fri 11 November 2016 in development • Tagged with python

This was the day that I took the time to get myself not only more familiar with Anaconda, but to also create a reusabled docker image.

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Migrating to Pelican and Jupyter

Posted on Fri 04 November 2016 in development • Tagged with python

It has been a while since I have been into blogging. For a little bit I thought I would like to migrate over to using However I personally like the feel of having nicely embedded content with more options then was available with medium.

Originally my blog was a static site that was setup using jekyll, however I found that it would (at times) cause me more headache than I was hoping for, and a couple of years ago I had thought about migrating the system to use a new backend. One of those was pelican, but I quickly dismissed the thought as I knew that I didn't really want to just migrate from one specific tool to another.

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"Datastax Sandbox Network"

Posted on Fri 16 October 2015 in ops • Tagged with cassandra, datastax, linux

So today I was working with the datastax virtual environment (namely getting the OVA to work inside of VMWare). There was only one issue that I ran into, that was the external networking was not working out of the box. In this post I will discuss what I looked into ...

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"Let's do some Weld-ing"

Posted on Mon 12 October 2015 in development • Tagged with java, dependency injection

So I am no stranger to dependency injection (DI), having used it for many years (starting with RhinoMocks on .net). For my new company they are using a CDI implementation (Weld) which is one framework that I have yet to use, so today I go over my experience with using ...

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"SproutCore - First Impressions"

Posted on Fri 13 February 2015 in development • Tagged with preview, ruby, javascript

Today I decided to spend a little time to try out the sproutcore web framework, which has a lot of strengths centered around using appropriate programming practices.

What is Sproutcore

Sproutcore is a framework that allows you to write the code in Javascript and has that code run on both ...

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Posted on Fri 06 February 2015 in development • Tagged with docker, mac

I love Docker and I really enjoy developing on a stable nix-like environment. But with the current limitation of the docker daemon requiring the linux kernel to work, I am left trying to create the best experience that I can while developing on a mac.

Why not just use boot2docker ...

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"EC2 Container Service"

Posted on Mon 01 December 2014 in cloud • Tagged with aws, ec2, docker

At AWS re:Invent (November 2014) a new technology was introduced. This was the AWS EC2 Container Service. A service provided by AWS to run docker containers on top of EC2 instances.

We have been using docker for a while now within our organization, and I have to say that ...

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"Ocaml, Opam and utop from a newb"

Posted on Sat 16 November 2013 in development • Tagged with ocaml

This week I had the chance to attend QCon SF and let me tell you it was a great experience. One of the benefits that came out of this conference was a free ebook from ORielly books. The book that I decided to pickup was the newly released Real World ...

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"shUnit2 - Bash Testing"

Posted on Thu 31 October 2013 in development • Tagged with testing, bash

So I have been working on the platform team at work for the last 2 years, and during this time we have had to not only write some code in Java and Ruby but also to write a number of bash scripts to help with management of systems. I'm ...

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"Splunk 6 - Whats New"

Posted on Thu 24 October 2013 in development • Tagged with logs, splunk

Today we had a Tech Talk at work that was focused on our organizations upgrade to the newly released Splunk 6, and all its bells and whistles. This presentation was given by James Brodsky, a Sr. Sales Engineer from Splunk.

There are 3 main usage feature changes that have occured ...

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