"Splunk 6 - Whats New"

Posted on Thu 24 October 2013 in development • Tagged with logs, splunk

Today we had a Tech Talk at work that was focused on our organizations upgrade to the newly released Splunk 6, and all its bells and whistles. This presentation was given by James Brodsky, a Sr. Sales Engineer from Splunk.

There are 3 main usage feature changes that have occured ...

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"Sort2013 Part II: Design Thinking"

Posted on Sat 19 October 2013 in conferences • Tagged with sort, architecture, software craftsmanship

This lecture was given by Brandon Gillespie and it was fantastic. Below are my attempts at creating reasonable information based on the lecture given.

This was a fantastic presentation that focused on delving into ideas of archiecture progress and helpful hints that can help keep an architect moving in the ...

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"Sort2013 Part III: Machine Learning in Python"

Posted on Sat 19 October 2013 in conferences • Tagged with sort, python, machine learning

I haven't done much with Machine Learning since graduating from school years ago. However recently there have been a number of projects where the use of machine learning can bring a significant benefit. This lecture was a great refresher and introduction to how task can be accomplished using python ...

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"Sort2013 Part IV: TMUX - Powerup your shell"

Posted on Sat 19 October 2013 in conferences, tools • Tagged with sort, tmux, linux

During sort, this session was actually a really insightful look into mouse-less productivity.
I have always been a fan of working in the console, and have actually used screen in the past. However tmux has opened up an entirely new world for me.

In this post I am going to ...

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"Sort2013 Part I: A Review"

Posted on Fri 18 October 2013 in conference • Tagged with sort

SORT is a software/technology conference that is held by engineers working for the LDSChurch, FamilySearch and Utah Based Higher Education organizations. It is an annual conference that is free to attend and is held at the University of Utah institute building.

While this may not be exactly like the ...

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"Static Site Meandering"

Posted on Tue 15 October 2013 in development • Tagged with research, ruby, python, nodejs

So, I don't know if I want to say that I am "late" to the game, but I can honestly say that I am glad I have finally moved to a static site generator for my blog posts. Originally when I decided to use static github pages to host ...

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"FreeBSD 9.2 on VMware Workstation 9.0.2"

Posted on Thu 10 October 2013 in ops • Tagged with freebsd, vmware, virtualization

Tonight I decided I really wanted to switch to freebsd from Ubuntu. The move was not because ubuntu had issues, but rather because I felt that I would enjoy the experience of freebsd more than that of linux. It was going to be a new world, with a different way ...

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"Typescript Preview on AppHarbor"

Posted on Sun 21 October 2012 in Development • Tagged with preview

So, this weekend a friend and I started working on a little side project and wanted to use Microsoft's new TypeScript language for our JS development. We had also decided on using AppHarbor (a fantastic .net paas provider) to automatically deploy our code builds. There were a few oddities ...

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"Installing Django with no root access"

Posted on Wed 09 May 2012 in development • Tagged with python, django

I really have enjoyed working with a $5/month hosting company for seriously small projects with few performance requirements. The service that I am using at this time is site5. They offer a great plan that works for me and the many simple projects I have been using as prototypes ...

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