Fun with Arch

Posted on Mon 15 July 2019 in development • Tagged with linux

Finally decided to take the dive and try out arch and the good times that can be found there

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"Datastax Sandbox Network"

Posted on Fri 16 October 2015 in ops • Tagged with cassandra, datastax, linux

So today I was working with the datastax virtual environment (namely getting the OVA to work inside of VMWare). There was only one issue that I ran into, that was the external networking was not working out of the box. In this post I will discuss what I looked into ...

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"Sort2013 Part IV: TMUX - Powerup your shell"

Posted on Sat 19 October 2013 in conferences, tools • Tagged with sort, tmux, linux

During sort, this session was actually a really insightful look into mouse-less productivity.
I have always been a fan of working in the console, and have actually used screen in the past. However tmux has opened up an entirely new world for me.

In this post I am going to ...

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