Python, Anaconda and Tensorflow

Posted on Fri 11 November 2016 in development • Tagged with python

This was the day that I took the time to get myself not only more familiar with Anaconda, but to also create a reusabled docker image.

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Migrating to Pelican and Jupyter

Posted on Fri 04 November 2016 in development • Tagged with python

It has been a while since I have been into blogging. For a little bit I thought I would like to migrate over to using However I personally like the feel of having nicely embedded content with more options then was available with medium.

Originally my blog was a static site that was setup using jekyll, however I found that it would (at times) cause me more headache than I was hoping for, and a couple of years ago I had thought about migrating the system to use a new backend. One of those was pelican, but I quickly dismissed the thought as I knew that I didn't really want to just migrate from one specific tool to another.

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"Sort2013 Part III: Machine Learning in Python"

Posted on Sat 19 October 2013 in conferences • Tagged with sort, python, machine learning

I haven't done much with Machine Learning since graduating from school years ago. However recently there have been a number of projects where the use of machine learning can bring a significant benefit. This lecture was a great refresher and introduction to how task can be accomplished using python ...

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"Static Site Meandering"

Posted on Tue 15 October 2013 in development • Tagged with research, ruby, python, nodejs

So, I don't know if I want to say that I am "late" to the game, but I can honestly say that I am glad I have finally moved to a static site generator for my blog posts. Originally when I decided to use static github pages to host ...

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"Installing Django with no root access"

Posted on Wed 09 May 2012 in development • Tagged with python, django

I really have enjoyed working with a $5/month hosting company for seriously small projects with few performance requirements. The service that I am using at this time is site5. They offer a great plan that works for me and the many simple projects I have been using as prototypes ...

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