Static Site Meandering

So, I don’t know if I want to say that I am “late” to the game, but I can honestly say that I am glad I have finally moved to a static site generator for my blog posts. Originally when I decided to use static github pages to host my blog, I had decided to be a little bit ambitious and create an entire system using angular and my “limited” frontend skills. However after a few posts and the issues that it raised I decided to move to an existing static site generator.


Much like any other items on the web there are a number of different static site generators that exist. I wasn’t able to go through and use all of them yet, but I decided I wanted to place the ones that I saw and my very quick experience with these generators. These generators can be broken up by the language that is used in the generator.


Yeoman Generators



At this point I am happy with the choice to use Octopress, but I’m also finiky and will “most likely” migrate the blog to another technology in the future. This is mostly because, if I am not learning something new, than what I am doing here ;-).


There were a few useful sites that I came across while checking these tools out, especially one that pointed to the numerous available python frameworks. Those are listed below.