Python, Anaconda and Tensorflow

This was the day that I took the time to get myself not only more familiar with Anaconda, but to also create a reusabled docker image.

shUnit2 - Bash Testing

So I have been working on the platform team at work for the last 2 years, and during this time we have had to not only write some code in Java and Ruby but also to write a number of bash scripts to help with management of systems. I’m a huge proponent of unit testing and especially of TDD. Since we have had a goal recently to make sure we are meeting minimum code coverage requirements on all of our tools I have looked into what it would take to unit test our bash scripts.

Sort2013 Part I: A Review

SORT is a software/technology conference that is held by engineers working for the LDSChurch, FamilySearch and Utah Based Higher Education organizations. It is an annual conference that is free to attend and is held at the University of Utah institute building. While this may not be exactly like the other conferences you have attended, QCon and the like, it is still a great experience, and one should never pass up the oppurtunity to learn something new.

Sort2013 Part II: Design Thinking

This lecture was given by Brandon Gillespie and it was fantastic. Below are my attempts at creating reasonable information based on the lecture given. This was a fantastic presentation that focused on delving into ideas of archiecture progress and helpful hints that can help keep an architect moving in the correct direction. This session did not have any focus on specific tools so should not be limited to a certain “type” of architect.

Sort2013 Part III: Machine Learning in Python

I haven’t done much with Machine Learning since graduating from school years ago. However recently there have been a number of projects where the use of machine learning can bring a significant benefit. This lecture was a great refresher and introduction to how task can be accomplished using python. Why should we focus on machine learning now? The power of a machine learning algorithm is its ability to GENERALIZE from a finite set of examples.

Sort2013 Part IV: TMUX - Powerup your shell

During sort, this session was actually a really insightful look into mouse-less productivity. I have always been a fan of working in the console, and have actually used screen in the past. However tmux has opened up an entirely new world for me. In this post I am going to share some of the things that I have learned from using tmux as setups I have in place for creating easy on “dev environments”.

Splunk 6 - Whats New

Today we had a Tech Talk at work that was focused on our organizations upgrade to the newly released Splunk 6, and all its bells and whistles. This presentation was given by James Brodsky, a Sr. Sales Engineer from Splunk. There are 3 main usage feature changes that have occured in splunk 6. The main focus of these upgrades are focused on increasing “non-technical” user experiences. Pivot Data Model Analytics Also rather than reading through the below notes, you can also go through a great tutorial that introduces these new features.

SproutCore - First Impressions

Today I decided to spend a little time to try out the sproutcore web framework, which has a lot of strengths centered around using appropriate programming practices. What is Sproutcore Sproutcore is a framework that allows you to write the code in Javascript and has that code run on both the server and client. It is a very powerful library that can help you to create web applications, not to extend your existing site.

Static Site Meandering

So, I don’t know if I want to say that I am “late” to the game, but I can honestly say that I am glad I have finally moved to a static site generator for my blog posts. Originally when I decided to use static github pages to host my blog, I had decided to be a little bit ambitious and create an entire system using angular and my “limited” frontend skills.

Typescript Preview on AppHarbor

So, this weekend a friend and I started working on a little side project and wanted to use Microsoft’s new TypeScript language for our JS development. We had also decided on using AppHarbor (a fantastic .net paas provider) to automatically deploy our code builds. There were a few oddities that had to be fixed to allow this to work, and I hope to share with you the process that we went through to allow for typescript to be successfully deployed to an ASP.